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This is the graphics community of LJ user phoebe2008 and cordelia462. Here you can find selfmade icons, wallpapers, bases, self-made resources, fanarts, tutorials, ... just whatever you can imagine. And now: take a seat, look around and you'll probably find something you like! Enjoy! :)
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1. Please comment if you take anything of our stuff, we usually put a lot of work into everything we make and we always appreciate feedback on it! Also, we'd like to know where our arts go or what you do for example with bases! :)
2. Never forget to credit us if you take something to use and present it on your livejournal, website, forum or anywhere else on the web. Please do not claim our stuff as yours!
3. Do not alter any of our arts, they are fine the way we made them and loaded them up for you. And please remember that textless icons are not bases (which are labelled as such).
4. Most Important: do not hotlink. Nothing. Never ever! we actually don't have to pay for our web space, but it makes us sad every time we see a "nice" Photobucket alert saying that bandwidth has been exceeded.
5. Last but not least: enjoy your stay and have fun! :)


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